Retro Reflective Tape - Solas

Brand:              T-ISS, Netherlands

Part no:            TM-3150

T-ISS retro reflective tape is intended for reflectorizing SOLAS life suport equipment such as life vests, jackets, and rafts. It conforms to, IMO Res. A.658(16) and meets U.S. Coast Guard specification 46 CFR Part 164, Subpart 164.018/5/0. It is approved by numerous national authorities around the globe. It is approved with the Wheelmark approval by Bureau Veritas.

Retro reflective Performance:
The coefficient of retroreflection (RA, in cd/lux/m2) is measured by methods traceable to either of the following retroreflective
intensity testing procedures:
ASTM E809 and E810 (RA)
CIE 54: 1982 (R’)

Based on tests performed by SOLASTAPE it is in accordance with IMO procedures and verified by an outside third party, T-ISS SOLASFLEX reflective material meets or exceed these values.

Packaging & Other info:
Box each 1,2 kilo.
Transportboxes boxes of 12 (14kg) each or 21 each (31kg)
Tarifcode 3919906999
ISSA code 4700704 SILVER 50MM
IMPA code 330189 SILVER :50MM

Certificates : Information not available

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