Fire Hoses - Inner / Outer

Product Description

Brand: OSW Germany / MAGMEX India

JACKET: 100% high tenacity polyester yarn, circular-woven twill weave, Warp threads 2-ply twisted, max. change in diameter < 5%, max. change in length < 5%

PROPERTIES: seawater-resistant, weather-resistant, ageing and ozone resistant,light and flexible, small coil diameter, temperature range from -40?up to +100?

INNER Lining: high-quality, very light synthetic rubber on the basis of EPDM, maximum lengths up to 500 m

EXTERNAL COATING: synthetic coating of polyurethane for better,abrasion and protection,flame-resistant,oil-and fuel-resistant

standardcolour: red, other on request

APPROVALS: DIN 14811:2008class 1/class 2, BS 6391 Type 1(white), BS 6391 Type 2 (red coated), M.E.D. 96/98/EC

Inner Diameter: 1" 1.5" 2' 2.5' 3' 3.5' 4'


Certificates : Information not available

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