Absorbent Pads

Product Description

Absorbent Pads are a great way to control fluids spilled in both indoor and outdoor environments. Do you have spills that require these types of product for these conditions? Do you want to eliminate them for good without having to hit your workers with a rolled up newspaper. A clean and efficient workplace uses Absorbent Pads that will effetively maintain a clean work environment.

Eliminate those messy drips, leaks and overspray of fluids with products like our Universal Pads that soak up spill fast. Other Absorbents include Rolls, Socks and more, at chewed to the bone prices. Remember, we offer a price guarantee on all our Absorbents. If you find an Absorbent Pad or any other type of Absorbent for less money we will give you a 5% reduction from the lowest price you found.

• An excellent sock at an economical price

• Corncob-filled Socks come packed with plenty of absorbing power so you buy fewer socks and enjoy reduced disposal costs

• Absorbent socks ideal for oil spill control around machine bases, spill containment, and spill cleanup

• DAWG120 comes with ties so you can cut the length you need from the 160'L sock and tie it off with nylon ties (ties included at no extra charge)

• choose from 3 lengths of absorbent socks