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Elite Safety & Marine Supplies LLC (ESMAR) takes this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading company for all kinds of Marine, Safety in Oil and Gas, Firefighting, Safety Signage and Personal Protective Equipment (under the parent company group ‘Essa Marine Equipment LLC’ established since 1996).

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“We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work”

DAWG (USA) – Oil Spill Response Kits and Absorbents
What Products We Sell...
• Dawg® offers a large selection of products to help keep your workplace safe and clean Absorbents - like absorbent mats, socks, pillows, wipers and booms to soak up leaks, drips and spills.
• Spill Kits - to help you respond quickly to different types and sizes of spills.
• Spill Containment Products - like spill pallets and decks, tanks and berms
• Material Handling Products - like safety cans and cabinets to store and contain flammable liquids, as well as drums, overpacks and drum moving equipment.
ALBATROSS (ITALY) - Pyrotechnics
The ALBATROSS was established in 1997 by Gallinoro family. The Gallinoro have always been very keen on sea and they have transferred their passion to the nautical sector.
Nowadays ALBATROSS is one of the market leaders in Europe in the Distress Signals used on Ships, Lifeboats & Liferafts. The range of products has gradually increased and now ALBATROSS produces all kinds of signs demanded by the market in this sector.
VELERIA SAN GIORGIO VSG (ITALY) – Lifejackets & Lifesaving Equipment’s
VSG is the oldest and well-known Italian company in the design and production of lifejackets.
This company confirms once again to be always at the forefront showing the new product range certified by RINA (Italian Naval Registry) in accordance with EN ISO 12402.

VSG had a lead role on the Italian nautical field from 1926 until today guaranteeing innovation and quality during all different steps of constant development of the market. VSG begun manufacturing sails and waxed clothes for merchant ships in transit at Genoa port and then she begun to supply the Navy and considering the gradual mechanization of ships, she diversified the production realizing flags and lifejackets: this choice has been strategic in the 60's thanks to the pleasure craft development.

ESCHBACH (GERMANY) – Firefighting Hoses
Established in 1956 the family owned Jakob Eschbach GmbH became one of the largest producers of layflat hoses worldwide.

Top quality materials, newest machinery, permanent research and a well trained and experienced labour force are our base leaving to satisfy customers all over the world. We offer a wide range of layflat hoses, which are completely made in Germany, meeting all requirements of firefighting operations as well as special constructions for irrigation, mining, refineries, ships etc.

ABS Srl / ANAF (ITALY) – Marine Fire Extinguishers & Marine Fixed Fire Suppression Systems
a.b.s. firefighting has been founded in 1999 by highly qualified staff with thirty year’s experience in national and international markets.
Today it operates in the field of fire prevention, obtaining considerable success, offering to its clients high and qualifying firefighting systems solutions; thanks to the prepared technical staff is always taking care to technological innovation. Its operational and organizational structure enables a.b.s. firefighting to offer to its customers the specific solutions to any kind of problem always having a special attention to the environment.

Manufacturer of the prestigious brand Duarry and with over 40 year’s experience in the maritime safety field, Ausmar has the most extensive network of liferafts service stations in Spain.

Ausmar is a renowned company in the maritime safety field thanks not only to the value of its large network of servicing stations but also to the knowledge their technicians and employees have.

With a large career and a great experience in the sector, Ausmar is still committed to its clients, who expect from the company the best products and a better service.

KHERAJ (INDIA) - Industrial Electrical Sirens
“Kheraj”, owned by Kheraj Electrical Industries (P) Ltd, is a brand that has been synonymous with sirens for over six decades. We have made our mark in several factories, banks, ships, oil refineries, workshops, prayer halls, and corporate plants globally. Further, our alarm systems have been fitted in fire engines, police vehicles, and ambulances to name a few. more...
PROTEK (TAIWAN) – Firefighting Nozzles, Monitors etc.
Protek Manufacturing Corp. is a leader in providing high performance firefighting equipment. Since 1972, Protek has adhered to three operating principles of delivering high-quality products,

creating value for our customers and providing exceptional service. Protek is constantly improving existing products and developing new products in order to meet the challenges of the fire industry. From high pressure self-educting nozzles to wireless remote-control monitors, we have continually developed products that are tailored to the evolving needs of our customers.

FASTCALGAS (UK) – Calibration Gas Bottles
Originally introduced to market in 2010, FastCalGas service offers a completely stress-free experience. A one-stop-shop when it comes to procuring calibration/span and quad gas, we ensure that gas is delivered straight
to your vessel when you want it. Our fully managed service means that we know when your gas is about to run out and we will alert you of this in appropriate time…say good bye to any nasty surprises! Customers can purchase quickly and easily online, anytime and anywhere in world. Breaking from the norm, we’re the only calibration gas supplier offering this unique service.
VARUNEY (INDIA) – Firefighting Fittings
Ours is leading concern specialized in products manufacturer / Exporter and supplier of Fire Protection, Fire Fighting, Resisting Equipment’s, by moving of water in a controlled manner.
The said products are manufactured as per relevant Indians / British / American / DIN Standards. With basic material Gun Metal / Aluminum / Stainless Steel, alternatively used as per demand of client and usage.

The company started since 1989, and is from one of the association group of Indian pioneer company, M/s. Shah Bhogilal Jethalal & Brothers since 1933, which is working since seven decades. Ours basic product range is being shown in our next page of product. They are mainly Landing Valves, Couplings, Nozzles, Adaptors and all Fire Fighter (Tender) Fittings and project / High rise building wet and dry risers installation material.


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